Investing with Ackermann Group means investing in a sustainable opportunity. Our investment strategy is predicated on patient investing and focused on consistent cash returns that target great locations.


At Ackermann Group, every development is personal. We take care to preserve and enhance the unique qualities of your community to create a cohesive, purposeful development where people want to live and work.

Residential Management

We believe in meeting people where they are. We manage multi-family communities ranging in size, style, price point, and amenities.

Commercial Management

In commercial property management, a building’s reputation is equally as important as its balance sheet. We deliver commercial real estate that meets the needs of our tenants, maintains the environment of our developments, and enhances the communities we serve.


Building Community through Lasting Investment

As tenured professionals, we have a strong investment track record and have maintained stable investments despite the fluctuating real estate market through improved operating results and capital asset preservation. 

Ackermann Group offers investors an opportunity for targeted initial and long-term cash-on-cash return, protection against unexpected inflation, and valuable capital appreciation.

Together We Will Stabilize the Asset

The typical life of a real estate investment is between five and ten years. We seek to generate risk-adjusted returns for our investors within each investment cycle and over the long term. We achieve top-line revenue growth through rent and other income by implementing efficient operating processes, restoring deferred maintenance, and improving curb appeal. We believe that if you take care of your properties, the properties will take care of you.

Together We Can Stimulate Economic Growth

Our strategy is designed to capture desirable risk-adjusted returns by purchasing stable and underperforming apartment communities with in-place cash flow in reliable submarkets throughout the region. We seek investment opportunities in B-class properties that offer quality lifestyle amenities and close proximity to metro areas with key economic drivers and substantial employment opportunities. Our portfolio includes multi-family and mixed-use real estate. Based in Cincinnati, OH, we focus our efforts on the Midwest and Southeast United States, where we can find economic stability and immediate yield.

At its core, Ackermann Group is dedicated to leaving a positive and lasting impact in the region. Each investment is carefully selected to create an opportunity for our team to stabilize or improve its position in the market and develop a strategic economic advantage for the surrounding area and the people who live there.


Building Community from the Outside In

Great communities are built on an authentic understanding of the community itself. We create a one-of-a-kind experience by adapting our development philosophy to integrate into the existing landscape.

Our team collaborates with local leaders to understand the individual and community needs so we can better serve the markets we enter. Our strategic process allows us to thoughtfully weave residential and urban infill developments into the community culture using a realistic approach that compliments the lifestyle of the surrounding area.

Together We Design Useful Places

Ackermann Group’s development practices are rooted in the fiscally responsible principles of New Urbanism planning. We design stable, walkable, and diverse communities that positively contribute to the suburban and urban core and provide a sense of place for residents and visitors.

We facilitate all aspects of the development process, from land acquisition and financing to building materials, lighting systems, and site amenity selection. We create friendly and inviting spaces by examining market conditions to understand how our development will fit into the marketplace. Each development requires comprehensive pre-planning and due diligence to ensure long-term success and sustainability. For best results, our team reviews the surrounding services and infrastructure to guide each development’s architecture, design, and approach.

Together We Leverage Public Finance

With over eight decades of experience in real estate development, we’ve refined our processes to become experts in urban infill, Tax Increment Financing (TIF), securing state grants, New Market Tax Credits, and local and state tax abatement. These tools make it possible to build infrastructure and invest in a community’s public space to make development possible.

We successfully developed office, retail, mixed-use projects, and residential communities. Informed by our experience, Ackermann Group anticipates a vibrant future of continued success in residential, commercial, and mixed-use development.

Residential Management

Building Community Beyond Four Walls

Each location has unique characteristics to complement the surrounding neighborhood services, building features, and community. 

We humanize the management experience by understanding that everyone has a unique perspective and requires something different from where they live and work. Community happens in and around our properties and is reflected in shared moments and activities.

Together We Create Meaningful Interactions

We’ve established four community programs “Our Place”, “Furry Friends”, “Live Well”, and “For the Good” to leverage the power of community to benefit the people we serve in a variety of ways. Within each of our communities, residents enjoy at least one of these programs.

Our Place brings the community together to connect on a personal level. We engage residents in activities, encourage social engagement, and plan exciting events in our community clubhouse. The Furry Friends program welcomes pets of nearly all sizes. Live Well provides free resident fitness classes and wellness programs. Whether we’re sharing a healthy meal, doing yoga on the lawn, or running through a local park, we make fitness a fun thing to do as a community. For The Good emphasizes the importance of giving back and serving local communities. Our neighborhoods offer residents and employees volunteer opportunities for them to connect with their communities and give back.

Together We Form an Environment Where Everyone is Supported

At Ackermann Group, we believe that if people work together, they will succeed. Our corporate policies are designed to support the activities of each region while encouraging each management team to take responsibility for the success of their asset.

Investors can depend on Ackermann Group’s management team to maximize the asset’s value through structured policies and procedures across our sales, maintenance, and resident relations teams to deliver an increased ROI.

Program Pillars

Commercial Management

Building Community, so Businesses Thrive

We are proactive in developing tenant relationships so that businesses feel secure and confident in our capabilities. We build communities that businesses want to be a part of by being reliable, responsive, and approachable.

We always act in the best interest of the asset while exceeding tenant expectations. This is done through honest and open dialogue with the tenant to minimize disruption and ensure their needs are met.

Together We Serve Our Clients

Ackermann Group’s commercial management team is trusted by asset owners and businesses to deliver commercial real estate that meets the needs of our tenants, maintains the environment of our developments, and enhances the communities we serve. We are committed to sustaining asset and tenant relationships through a traditional emphasis on customer service, ongoing maintenance, and routine janitorial services.

Our team improves operating efficiency by performing each service most cost-effectively through competitive bidding, informed repair or replacement recommendations, and annual vendor contract reviews. We maintain excellent tenant relationships while adhering to the lease terms to achieve tenant satisfaction and improved retention and renewals.

Together We Increase Value

Ackermann Group has successfully increased asset value, produced positive cash flow, improved operations efficiency, and implemented strategic site improvements. Since no two buildings are the same, we customize our services to obtain the best possible results for the owner.