We build communities, and together, we cultivate relationships and partnerships to make a positive & healthy impact on the people we serve.


Connecting people for the common good and creating a unique place to live and call home


The Ackermann Group has a deep family history and rich legacy with 85 years of experience. As a third-generation owner, Dobbs Ackermann has led the Ackermann Group as an influential property management and development leader since 1997. Dobbs focused the business on one primary goal: to serve the community positively.

Today, multi-family real estate investment and property management comprise the majority of the company’s business, with a focus on communities in dependable markets. Our corporate headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and we have invested in assets in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and South Carolina.

At Ackermann Group, the business of building communities comes down to creating neighborhoods where families flourish, and businesses thrive. We care deeply about the communities we create and the neighborhoods where we live and work.


Always Do
the Right Thing

We make an unwavering commitment to act with honesty, integrity, and accountability in every interaction with other employees, business partners, and residents.

Be Part
of The Team

We are stronger when we work together.  We communicate respectfully and collaborate openly. We develop strong leaders through employee empowerment, training, and career growth opportunities. 

Make Quality

Excellence is our standard, and we are committed to continuous improvement. We take pride in our work and the impact we make.

Live With
Personal Power

Our actions are a reflection of who we are. We stay professional, we honor our commitments, and we listen generously.


We work hard and have fun doing it. We celebrate wins together and strive to bring a high level of energy to the work we do. Don’t just have fun; create it.



Dobbs Ackermann

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dobbs Ackermann is President and CEO of Ackermann Group, a full-service, vertically integrated investment, property, and asset management company. As third-generation owner, Dobbs oversees the firm’s strategic vision, ensuring seamless operations while fostering growth. His involvement touches every dimension of the business, from spearheading investment strategies to guiding development and construction endeavors.

Under his leadership, Ackermann Group has seen over $1B in total assets built & acquired, narrowing in the business focus to primarily apartment communities. Recognized for his deep knowledge in government processes, Dobbs has adeptly navigated complex approvals and his acumen in public funding is evident in his experience with tax increment financing, industrial revenue bonds, new market tax credits, and diverse federal, state, and municipal revenue agreements.

His formal education in development and construction, coupled with his B.A. in Communication from Emerson College, has been instrumental in elevating the Ackermann Group Development division to unprecedented heights.

As a leader in apartment operations, Dobbs has established Ackermann Group at the forefront of industry change, aiming to position the regional markets Ackermann Group operates in as hubs for living and commerce and elevating apartment community design, care, and management. He constantly seeks to foster culture with his team, encouraging all associates to prioritize themselves, their health, their family, and their work. He recognizes that personal well-being and a balanced life directly translate into workplace success and remains steadfast in his dedication to realizing optimal value from each asset, while constantly advocating for environments that deliver significant benefits to both associates and stakeholders.


Gregory Long

Chief Operations Officer

As Ackermann Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Long has been instrumental in growing and refining the business by implementing impactful policies and procedures and managing the day-to-day intricacies of Human Resources, Risk Management, Residential Property Management, and supporting all other divisions in the organization, ensuring they run at peak efficiency and align with the company’s broader vision.

Since joining Ackermann Group in 1999, Greg has held several other pivotal roles- from Project Manager to Executive Vice President – each refining his proficiency in engaging with people, site management, development, and acquisition.

His expertise, especially in associate relations, offers him a unique vantage point, allowing him to resonate with and address the distinct needs of the company’s residents, partners, and associates. Beyond his hands-on roles, Greg possesses a keen analytical ability that sees him regularly reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating operations.

Greg believes that a focus and understanding on the team and all the people Ackermann Group serves, creates an environment that allows all stakeholders to be successful and grow. His over two-decade tenure at Ackermann Group is a testament to his unwavering commitment and the vast experience he brings to the table.


John R. Wendt

Chief Financial Officer

Since joining Ackermann Group in 2000 as CFO, John Wendt has been responsible for every accounting and financial facet related to real estate development, from equity placement to meticulous maintenance. His hands-on involvement extends to leasing and sales negotiations, ensuring Ackermann Group always secures optimal terms with tenants and builders alike. Additionally, his proficiency encompasses overseeing multi-family development projects, adeptly handling contract reviews, negotiations, and facilitating strategic planning.

He plays an integral role in shaping Ackermann Group’s direction by participating in the Investment Committee, ensuring decisions made align with the company’s growth trajectory.  

Before his tenure at Ackermann, he founded Business Implementation Services of the Midwest, LLC and co-founded H.K. Campbell & Company. An advocate for loyalty, integrity, and the entrepreneurial spirit, John’s reputation as a business counselor is widely acknowledged.

John is licensed CPA with a B.S. in Accounting from the renowned Purdue University. His diverse experience and commitment make him an invaluable asset to the Ackermann Group and the broader finance and real estate community.


Christopher W. Kohnen

Chief Investment Officer

With 30 years of extensive experience, Chris Kohnen currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer at Ackermann Group, where he is responsible for formulating and guiding the company’s investment and acquisition strategies. Since becoming part of Ackermann Group in 2006, Chris has been at the helm of transactions totaling $800 million, spanning 30 properties and 7,000 units, realizing an impressive 10’% annualized cash on cash return and a 21% internal rate of return (IRR) across nine successfully completed investments.

Under Chris’s leadership, a culture has been fostered within the investment team that not only seeks out sound investments with excellent returns but also prioritizes the establishment of enduring relationships within the real estate community. Ackermann Group has successfully secured a quarter of a billion dollars in private equity under his stewardship, attracting capital from individuals, family offices, and registered investment advisors, all built upon a foundation of transparency and integrity.

In addition to his role as Chief Investment Officer, Chris also is the Managing Broker at Ackermann Group, holding a Real Estate Broker’s License from the State of Ohio. His active involvement in various Apartment Associations and the National Multi-Housing Council, along with his affiliations, underscores his unwavering dedication to the real estate industry. Notably, his service on the Board of Directors for the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association and the Apartment Association Outreach, Inc. further emphasizes his influential standing within the real estate community.

Chris’s academic accomplishments include earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Xavier University, complementing his distinguished professional journey in the realm of real estate investments.


Steven C. Kohler

Corporate Controller

Since joining Ackermann Group in 2017 as the Corporate Controller, Steve has been responsible for managing the accounting department and cultivating a high-performing team that echoes the company’s standards of excellence.  He is keenly focused on building structure within the organization to enhance financial reporting and analysis capabilities.  He also maintains relationships with our lending partners and oversees the execution of all borrowing activities.

Steve sits on the Investment Committee, and is intimately involved in fundraising, investor reporting, asset management, and deal due diligence.  With a focus on the future and strategic thinking, he is a key driver in creative solutions and driving progress toward the company’s long-term vision. 

Prior to joining Ackermann Group, Steve honed his expertise in public accounting for a decade with VonLehman & Company, one of the largest CPA and Advisory Firms in the region. This foundation, combined with his status as a licensed CPA and a BS in Finance and Accounting from Xavier University, make him an invaluable asset to the Ackermann Group.



Christa Heiser

Vice President
of Property Management


Robert Saffin

Director of


Mandy Staples

Regional Property


Erin Thiel

Associate Experience


Tanya Drake



Sara Alvey

Director of Strategy &


Amanda Todd

Property Manager


Mike Carr

Regional Property


Jeremy Constantino

Investor Relations


Brian Henning



Michelle Hesler

Sales & Marketing


Elizabeth Dennon

Regional Property


Ben Wind

Regional Facilities


Alex Cole



At Ackermann Group, we build community together. We have created unique programs for each facet of community life that reflects how our company lives, works, and plays. It’s more than just an apartment. It is your home. The Ackermann Group creates opportunities for residents to connect with friends and neighbors where they live.

 These programs were designed to enhance the residential experience and promote residents to live, work, and thrive. At the Ackermann Group, we live by these principles, which have become the backbone of how we operate and connect.

Pets & Pet Resources

We believe that pets are great companions and a part of your family. We welcome your pets within each residential community. We invite your pets to participate in various activities and provide fun resources at events throughout the year.

Connection & Social Engagement

Ackermann Group recognizes the importance of strong connections to build community. Relationships add to the fullness of life and experiences. We aim to foster social engagement by bringing neighbors together to create meaningful connections at different events and other community programs.

Philanthropy & Volunteering

Ackermann Group understands and appreciates the importance of giving back and serving local communities. With non-profit partnerships in place, every neighborhood provides local volunteer opportunities for our residents and employees to connect and give back as a community.

Health, Wellness, & Life Balance

It’s more than just exercising and eating right. It’s about finding what works for you and your health. That’s why Ackermann Group is committed to supporting our residents and their well-being through fitness resources. We offer a variety of fun and convenient programs, classes, and educational opportunities centered around health and wellness.