Scope of Services


Ackermann Group possesses seven decades of real estate experience and refinement. Our background in development, construction, commercial and residential expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively utilize the experience of our strong team to add value to the properties we manage.


  • Accounts payable and receivables, all invoices and receivables go through a minimum of a two- level authorization process
  • Vendor insurance compliance required before set-up
  • Cash Flow Statements with a three level review process prior to distribution
  • Operating Income Analysis Reporting
  • Coordination with year-end State and Federal tax audits and returns
  • Production of monthly financial reports based on the Owner’s specifications (sample of standard owner’s reporting package attached)


Ackermann Group completes an extensive annual budget preparation for every property under management. The budget process includes thorough support for each account category with copies of all service contracts, explanation of expenses, how funds are allocated and why these services or expenses are necessary. The budget process is supported not only by the property manager, but also embraces the input and support of the executive management team. Every budget is evaluated by the management team prior to submission to owners for their review by December 1st for the upcoming year. Any changes to the budget after approval must meet explicit criteria before modifications can be made. This process is extremely beneficial to both the manager of the property as well as the owner.


The Ackermann team is well-versed in purchasing rental properties and can assist clients with due diligence and new acquisition evaluations. Our services range from market survey evaluation, financial review, preformed development, interior and exterior physical inspections as well as an audit of each resident file. Fees are based on the scope of services requested.


Ackermann Group operates as the Owner’s Agent, actively participating in developing objectives designed to enhance the value of the property.

Property Inspections are conducted daily, weekly, monthly and annually of all common areas, interiors and exteriors ensuring property conditions meets expectations, and the properties are kept in pristine condition. Ackermann’s reputation and success depends on the condition and cleanliness of the commercial and residential communities.

Other basic responsibilities include:

    • Monthly variance reporting and financial forecasting
    • Resident screening through a third party insures consistent and accurate selection of all applicants
    • Renewal tracking and communication 90 days in advance of lease expirations to minimize vacancy exposure (our Resident Retention rate averages 60% companywide)
    • Collection of rents and other charges strictly enforced to meet company minimum standards

of 1% of GPR by close of month

  • Bidding and contract execution for services
  • Managing compliance standards of contracts
  • Obtain best pricing for goods and services using preferred vendors
  • Hiring, supervising and developing all on-site associates per approved budget
  • Monitor service call requests to ensure client needs are addressed in a timely and satisfactory manner
  • Implement Utility Management Systems that reduce costs and maximize expense recovery
  • Quarterly Community Evaluation Inspections examines policy and procedure compliance to exceed company standards and performance expectations



Occupancy Tracking and Projections weekly, monthly and annually.

Lease tracking guarantees the most cost effective sources are being utilized.

Source Analysis Report tracks traffic leads by first contact to move-in and compares to historical data.

Resident Services Ackermann Group believes that communication and services create satisfied and returning residents. We utilize on-line resources such as Resident Portal to make it easy for residents to communicate as well as encourage transparency with open communication through blogs and email blasts. Additionally, we offer package delivery, pet care, doggie stations and resident events just to name a few of the “lifestyle” services available to our residents.

Customer Service Ackermann currently has an overall resident satisfaction rating of 90%, not yet at our goal of 95% but improving each month as we monitor each move-in, move-out and completed service request through automated surveys. The results are reviewed weekly and tallied monthly with a quarterly incentive contest. Associates are financially motivated and results are posted at each community to ensure daily focus.

Rent Café is an end-to-end marketing solution featuring full online leasing and renewals, payments and service requests. Fully integrated with Yards Voyager™ for real-time information access and mobility for prospects, residents, and leasing consultants. The Rent Café apartment finder site drives traffic to your apartment rental listing and helps to easily reach prospects with complete property details.

Market Survey evaluations and third party reports allow us to consistently monitor market conditions and react accordingly allowing for the highest rents to be obtained in the markets we manage.

COST PER RENTAL analysis through various mediums and recommendations on how to optimize while minimizing costs.

Quality control of printed materials and Internet presence.

Monitoring of public relations and property image.


Ackermann utilizes “Yards Voyager” web based software for all reporting needs. Yards provides owners with detailed accounting of the income and expenses along with capital improvements, leasing and traffic activity. Detailed marketing, leasing and financial analytic reports can be generated to efficiently maximize management processes. As requested, the property manager will meet with the owners to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise.

The Yards Web based software has the following advantages:

Web based, real time data allows corporate and support staff to work effectively.
The ability to attain online requests for information from prospects, improving capture ratios for this growing segment of traffic to the communities.
Multi-user capabilities provides for in-depth leasing and management modules to improve productivity, efficiency and reporting at the community.

Microsoft SharePoint a web application platform is utilized internally to provide document and content management and workflow automation between departments.

Check Scanners are utilized at the property level, providing electronic image exchange and remote deposit checking creating accuracy, and time efficiencies.

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