Ackermann Group’s commercial and residential development team creates useful spaces, interior and exterior, that cater to residents, tenants, and their guests. Ackermann Group’s projects are designed around lifestyle. Community spaces such as pedestrian paths, reflecting areas, community gathering points, grand lawns, gardens, pools and clubhouses are incorporates and the interiors are designed with a concentration on view lines, privacy, entertaining, and space efficiency. Ackermann Group strives to consistently exceed the public need and our clients’ needs.

In development, it is imperative to not only build the community but also to help shape the quality of lifestyle. When Ackermann Group refers to “Urban” or “Semi-Urban” development, it means several things:

  • Understanding the market conditions
  • Executing the pre-planning and due diligence for a long term approach
  • Reviewing a potential communities’ surrounding services and infrastructure
  • Considering how the development fits into the marketplace
  • Sustainability

Featured Property

University Station

University Station is a vibrant urban district encompassing housing, entertainment, and employment opportunities for the surrounding Cincinnati community. Read More...