Development Philosophy

Ackermann Group’s philosophy for commercial and residential development is born out of our overall mission, to revitalize underperforming real estate assets within our urban core and first-tier suburbs. Foreseeing a need towards efficient, sustainable urban living, Ackermann Group moved in this direction in the late 1990’s. Now, almost two decades later, the principles of sustainable lifestyles have never been more needed and are continuing to grow in demand as our society has reached the tipping point for recognizing the need for a realistic approach to leading a sustainable life.

Driven by a desire to see our urban areas succeed while always meeting the lifestyle demands of our clients, Ackermann Group is committed more than ever to identifying key infill and redevelopment parcels that will continue to be the real opportunity in development. Informed by the principles of traditional urban planning and a fiscally responsible development model, Ackermann Group anticipates a future of continued success in the arena of residential urban infill and redevelopment.

Ackermann Group believes that community is the key to the success of any residential development. Ackermann Group draws upon knowledge from local leaders to weave a development into a community’s culture. Ackermann Group also looks inside and outside of the market for trends and features currently in demand.

Understanding the market conditions

Executing the pre-planning and due diligence for a long term approach
Reviewing a potential communities’ surrounding services and infrastructure
considering how the development fits into the marketplace

Featured Property

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