Development Guidelines


Ackermann Group uses the following guidelines in the commercial development process:

Build work spaces for both large and small scale tenants

Create a parking ratio that plans for future growth
Create points of entry that focus on the employee as much as the visitor
Create visibility for tenant signage and directional ease using way finding capabilities and design
Provide secure access and additional security features that allow tenants to feel safe
Consider the needs of clients with disabilities and make their access professional, safe and easy
Provide design and management practices that allow for long term economic effectiveness
By using these guidelines, Ackermann Group ensures that their partners in the communities, including city governments and residents, will be well served because of the careful and thoughtful process.

Services Knowledge

  • Legal resources
  • Land acquisition
  • Urban infill projects
  • Property management
  • Mixed-use development
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Tax Incremental Financing
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • State Grants
  • Local and state tax abatement
  • Sub-contractor Resource Base
  • Legal Banking and Accounting
  • Local, state and federal permit approval
  • Sophisticated development and construction knowledge
  • New Urbanism principles of design and community integration
  • Principles of energy efficient and sustainable design and construction

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